EPN can help you manage and implement single aspects of your projects to improve their impact

The experience that we have developed over the years in managing projects of social value allows us to offer high quality support on specific aspects of project management.

We offer support to civil society players on the following processes.

Use the contact form to get an estimate for one of the following services.

Please consider that not all requests will be accepted. EPN only collaborates with players who are willing and able to guarantee the respect of fundamental ethical assumptions and with whom shares interests and objectives.

Project Designing and Proposal Drafting

A major effort for each organisation that wish to achieve European funding for its own projects of social value lies in developing organisational capacity for ideating and drafting project proposals of high quality.

EPN offers a sound method for developing effective project proposals that your organisation will be able to use autonomously in the future.

Activity Evaluation

The quality of a project becomes apparent through its results.

An evaluation conducted by impartial experts is a strategic asset for any organisation interested in understanding its real strong and weak points.

Transnational Event Organisation

Brussels is the crossroad of people in Europe who are involved in European projects.

Thanks to our position and experience in organizing transnational meetings and conferences, we can be your reference point for your meetings in Brussels.

Education on the European Policies

We believe that participation in the policies of the European Union is the most concrete way that European citizens currently have to cultivate their ideals and thus contribute to the collective well-being.

EPN offers tailored training for groups of young people or for organisations on the policies and opportunities offered by the European Union with the idea of promoting political and civic participation in Europe, particularly among young people.

Scientific Research and Dissemination

Understanding the society in which we live on the basis of scientific evidence is the first step for building quality projects of social value that have actual and positive impact on our lives.

EPN’s experts make their expertise in the social sciences available to understand social phenomena in an unbiased manner and to share this knowledge with the rest of the community.

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