Learn about the policies of the EU and how to access and manage European funding for your own Projects of social value

The policies of the European Union are the concrete actions that the EU undertakes to improve the quality of life in Europe and beyond.

Each policy aims at pursuing its specific objectives and all objectives together try to contribute to the five Targets of Strategy Europe 2020.

All European citizens are called upon to take part in this collective effort by bringing in their own sensitivities and values and participating in the implementation of the policies. But, as one can imagine, defining common lines of action in such a culturally rich and diverse context as Europe is certainly no easy task.

That is why each one of us should do their bit in moving Europe in the direction of their own principles and values by actively participating in the political discourse.

We at EPN decided to make this effort our very mission. We support civil society players in raising awareness and empowering their members in shaping Europe the way they wish.

We offer educational resources, management tools and training courses on the policies of the EU and European Project Management.