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The Collaborative Project Management approach (CPM) is a new comprehensive method of management of projects of social value that the founding members of the European Project Network association (EPN) have been developing over the years with a view to raise the quality of projects in terms of impact and ethics.

The need for developing a new approach to management of projects in the social field — meaning, projects that aim at having a direct positive impact on the quality of sentient life — emerged in the practice of managing projects developed in relation to the policies of the European Union. In the experience of the conceivers, the lack of transparency and horizontal responsabilisation of all stakeholders in the implementation of European co-funded projects represents the main cause of immeasurable waste of public resources.

In view of that, the development and dissemination of this project management method aims at having a positive impact on society in its purpose of empowering all citizens and civil society players in developing their own projects in a collaborative way and in accordance with high ethical standards and strong human values.

EPN - CPM - Collaborative Project Management approach
EPN – CPM – Collaborative Project Management approach

Expected Results

The Project provides only for the development of intellectual outputs without taking into account their dissemination. The outputs are intended primarily to be useful to the involved Project Managers that develop them.

The results of the development of CPM consist of three aspects.

  • A precise theoretical infrastructure in the form of encoded natural language.
  • A consequent concept design in the form of graphs and algorithms.
  • A resulting practical set of graphical and digital tools for actual use.

The envisaged outputs of the Project are the following.

  • A series of six manuals explaining the six processes of the method in detail.
  • A series of interactive and non-interactive graphical representations that can be printed and used for managing projects.
  • A database containing up-to-date information on the European funding programmes and their call for proposals and tenders.
  • A software consistent with the SaaS (Software as a Service) usage model.


Consistently with the purpose of the Project, implementation requires the collaboration of several experienced and inexperienced Project Managers on actual European projects over the duration of each project. The participating Project Managers need to apply the method and tools in their daily work so to develop the envisaged outputs through work-based learning and adaptation.

The basic methods and tools of CPM will be provided to the participating Project Managers after their formal acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and confidentiality. The production of the outputs will be supervised by the Project Management Team.


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If you wish to support the Collaborative Project Management approach (CPM) development project please get in contact with us through the contact form.


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