Creativity is the ability of developing solutions where there are none.

Motto of EPN


The European Projects Network a.s.b.l. (EPN) is an independent non-profit association based in Brussels and founded in 2018 which aims at increasing the quality of projects of social value developed in the European framework.

The main purpose of the association is to help people and organisations in Europe in knowing the principles, values, functioning, dynamics and resources of the European Union and in accessing the opportunities offered by it and by public authorities at all levels (local, regional, national) in an autonomous, project-based and collaborative way in order to contribute more effectively to the well-being of the community.

Foundation of our work is “working by projects” because we conceive a project as a flexible and practical way to co-construe shared environments. All our actions are defined and measured in terms of time, activities, resources, objectives, conditions, risks, competencies, methods, tasks and responsibilities and the scientific way we work allows us to offer a clear and transparent collaboration to our collaborators.

EPN refers mainly to the European framework with the idea of guiding citizens in a participated but critical co-construction of Europe. As attested by the very name of the association, our common objective is developing a network of people and organisations in Europe who collaborate in a constructive way in the name of collective wellbeing through the Collaborative Project Management approach. The main function of the association is, thus, that of social capital.

The leading value of the association is social cohesion and the main themes are management of projects of social value and European citizenship.

EPN pursues its purpose by carrying out various activities:

  • education on European values and dynamics,
  • management of projects in the European framework, and
  • research and dissemination on issues of social interest.

Our main asset is the Collaborative Project Management approach (CPM), a sound and comprehensive method that we have been developing over the years to improve the quality of projects in terms of impact and ethical standards.

As the application of principles, methods, procedures and tools of project management is per se an important added value in all domains of social benefit, the association recognizes as core ethical dimension of its work the very fact of working through projects in a collaborative and transparent way. We deem clear and equitable distribution of resources and responsibilities an essential feature of all projects of social benefit and we collaborate only where independence and impartiality are guaranteed. Nevertheless, each member of the association has specific values and interests that pursues independently through his/her projects.

At present, some of the key issues on which we are working are equal opportunities; gender equity; creativity; social inclusion in relation to migratory phenomena; entrepreneurship; transnational mobility and sports for differently-abled people; civic and democratic participation; ethical dimension of the policies of the European Union.

EPN is thus committed to supporting the organisations with which it collaborates with a spirit of trust and transparency.

EPN sees full inclusiveness and acceptance of diversity as the basis of its existence and therefore rejects any kind of discrimination in its hiring and employment practices, codes of conduct, programs, services or in any other aspect of its operations or activities, intended as the differential treatment of a person or group of people on the basis of a personal characteristic or attribute including, but not limiting to, age, disability, disease, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expression, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, military or veteran status, race, color, size, religion, religious observations, cultures, beliefs, type or level of education, socio-economic status, geographical position, practices, pregnancy or medical condition and any other status or inherited or learned characteristic protected under applicable law.


Board of Directors


Policy Officer



Financial Officer


Coordination Officer

Membership to the association is open to all natural or legal persons who accept its founding principles and mission.

Besides those of Project Manager and Project Agent, any natural or legal person member of the association can cover one or more of the following roles in relation to each of our projects: Designer, Promoter; DeveloperApplicant; Partner; Adviser; Sponsor; Supporter; Expert; Apprentice; Observer.


The activities are addressed at two groups of beneficiaries:

  • we help young people in developing project management skills to be applied in their local contexts (schools, voluntary organisations, leisure time, personal or group creative projects, etc.) with the idea of raising awareness in the fact that they can actually influence their social and natural environments in a proactive, constructive and collaborative way;
  • we help people working in civil society organisations in accessing the opportunities made available by public authorities at all levels (local, regional, national, European, international) in order to be supported in having a greater impact through their organisation.


To apply to become a member of EPN, feel free to contact us through the provided contact form. Membership rights and obligations will be explained in detail directly to the applicant.

All membership applications will be examined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the statutes of the association.

Support us

EPN develops its own projects in accordance with its mission, principles and values.

To give your symbolic, practical or financial support to EPN, see our list of projects and follow the development of those that you choose to support.

We are committed to make the best of all contributions in the most transparent way.